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Donation Opportunities

Title Brief Description
Altar Flowers 2017 Altar Flower Sign Up Sheet is Posted Please consider remembering a special day, honor or remembering someone special or just to beautify the sanctuary! One vase is $25.00 and two vases are $50.00. Sign Up Sheet is located on the bulletin board outside the Pastor's Office.
Donate to Food Bank Canned food items and dry goods are routinely donated to the church and brought to the Glade Valley Food Bank. Donation bins can be located in the Narthex.
Walkersville Thrift Shop
Donate to Rescue Mission (Toiletries) Personal hygiene items can be donated to families in need by depositing travel sized items in the bin located in the Narthex. Items needed:
soap, deodorant, shampoo, lotion
Memorial Fund Donation Categories Interested in making a donation to the PIC Memorial fund? Below are several suggested categories. Please see the Memorial Fund Donation forms on the PIC bulletin board for additional information.
Music Ministry: Music, maintenance, repair, equipment etc. His House: Unexpected repairs and additions to God’s house. Altar/Chancel Care: Purchase/repair of paraments, banners etc. Undesignated or Other
Christmas Donation Tree Giver During the holidays, a Christmas tree is adorned with information of a child in need allowing PIC members to assist local families by purchasing Christmas gifts.

Get Involved

It takes a lot of people to run a church and the entire Body of Christ is imperative to the Mission of the Church. To get the most out of one's spiritual walk, service is a necessity. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to get started or even who to reach out to. The below guide should assist visitors and new members in finding the right place. They are primarily organized into "tiers" by time requirements and amount of experience recommended for the position. If there is something that sounds interesting to you but you aren't certain, try reaching out to the point of contact or even training for the task at hand. After receiving training, you can better determine whether or not it will be a good fit. It is important to us that all our members, of all ages and walks of life, grow confidently and build lasting relationships. That starts with service!
urgent Indicates an urgent need.

Tier 1

This is the perfect place to start. Tier 1 service opportunities are a good way for visitors to get to know the church and it's members while serving God. If you're new to the church or new to serving, a teir 1 involvement is a great way to test the waters with limited time requirements. All of the below tasks take place during the service on Sunday or directly before or after. They are all also on rotating schedules where members take turns. If you're already attending services regularly, this is a great way to contribute occasionally. All members should be a part of at least one tier 1 service in addition to regular study attendance.
Title Point of Contact Age Brief Description
Nursery Attendant urgent Susan R.
Adult Members During worship services, adults are needed to keep an eye on the young ones as their parents attend church.
Service Streamingurgent Pastor Richard
Teens & Adult Members & Regular Visitors Our services are live streamed through youtube for those that are unable to attend church in person. The stream-team runs the audio/visual side of the church to provide this service to our members and visitors far and wide. This is a great tier 1 service opportunity for introverts as well as extraverts.
Usherurgent Matt F.
Teens & Adults Members & Regular Visitors Two ushers are assigned per service. Ushers are responsable for (but not limited to) dispersing bulletins, collecting attendance records, filling in for acolytes when needed, assisting with communion and offertory. Trainings can be scheduled with Head Usher Matt F.
Altar Guildurgent Marie
Adult & Teen Members & Regular Visitors Before and after services, the altar must be dressed and communion elements prepared. Altar guild manages these tasks as well as other regular needs of the sanctuary such as changing banners and refreshing candles.
Lector Heide
Adult & Teen Members & Regular Visitors Deliver the Readings of the day (except the gospel) to the congregation during Sunday Services. Readings are selected based on time of year and produced to Lectors in advance.
Greeter Heide
All Ages Members & Regular Visitors Greet members and visitors as they enter for service on Sundays.
Acolyte Pastor Richard
4th/5th grade & up Members This is a great introduction into service for children. Acolyting teaches them to be active participants in the service and shows them that you are never too young to serve the Lord.
Offering Counters Susan R.
Adult Members Deposits are made weekly to avoid money remaining in the chruch. After church, all of the giving must be counted, recorded, and delivered by multiple members to ensure accuracy. These teams will be made up of two non-related members who will, after service, count the offerings, record necessary information for posting, prepare the weekly deposit and drop off at the night deposit at the Walkersville BB&T branch. Time required will be approximately 45 minutes. Training will be provided and a rotating schedule will be established depending on the number of volunteers.
Attend a Study Jean
All Ages Members and all Visitors Regular study of God's Word is imperative to Christian growth and building community. Classes are available on Sunday mornings as well as during the week. If you're interested in joining a study or even beginning one of your own, speak to Jean or see our education page.

Tier 2

A tier 2 involvement requires very little time outside of the Sunday service or annual/semi-annual participation or preparation. These are small but meaningful commitments. Some are available to visitors as well as members while others are limited to members. When starting a tier 2 activity, it is still recommended that members continue tier 1 involvement. This is merely a next step in your growth in the church.

Title Point of Contact Age Brief Description
Shelter John J.
Adult Members & Regular Visitors Once every quarter, our church hosts the Emergency Family Shelter. Each time, members of the congregation are needed to take turns spending time with participants, spending the night, and preparing meals. Children are welcome to accompany their parents in this service as there are kids to play with at the shelter.
Attend VBS Jean
Toddlers and Up Members and all Visitors Vacation Bible School is an opportunity for children to hear the word of God and have fun. Activities include crafts, physical activities, memory verses and more.
VBS Help Jean
Adults & Teens Members and Regular Visitors During 1 week in the summer, PIC hosts Vacation Bible School. Whether you are available during the week day, or just able to offer assistance during off hours, it takes many hands to make VBS a success. If you have musical talents, leadership abilities, crafting skills, athletic interests, or even organizational skills, your help could be used for VBS!
Easter Experience
Adult & Teen Member and Regular Visitors Annually, in lieu of an Easter Egg Hunt, the Easter Experience allows children of PIC as well as the community to go from station to station experiencing crafts, games, and the story of the Miracle of Easter! It takes many hands for this to come together. Whether it be set up, manning a station, or even just greeting the attendees, this is a great opportunity for outreach!
Choir Sharon
Adult & Teens Members & Regular Visitors The PIC choir practices weekly (currently on Thursday evenings) and performs during services approximately once a month.
Calling All Cooks Mary M. or Nancy
Adult and Teen Members & Regular Visitors Calling all Cooks is the meal train set up by PIC to help feed members of the PIC family during difficult times. If you are willing and able to occasionally make a meal when needed, this is a great way to serve!
Property Committee Member Dave H.
Adult & Teen Members & Regular Visitors We have several projects where you can apply your talents and make a difference at PIC. Please contact Dave Hofflinger, Property Chair, if you can provide a few hours of your time for either area.
LWML Participant Patti Adult & Teen Women, Members and Regular Visitors LWML (the Lutheran Women's Missionary League) has an active chapter at PIC. Our LWML collects mites, supports the Faith House for women, provides the congregation with lunches, and makes trips to educational seminars.
Prayer Chain Member Gail
Adults Peace in Christ has a prayer chain coordinated by Gail B. We invite you to send her your prayer requests. They may be for the prayer teams’ eyes only or for publication in the bulletin. The choice belongs to the one requesting the prayer. If you would like to be included in the prayer chain as a prayer warrior then get in touch with Gail. If you have prayers for yourself or someone you know, get in touch with Gail. God will continue to bless us as we seek to serve Him and one another!
SOWAC Arlinda
Adults (Summer Outreach of Walkersville Area Churches) Area churches serve cooked meals (provided by the USDA) to Walkersville kids when schools are closed. Churches volunteer for one week and provide 3-4 volunteers to serve meals from 11:15 to 1pm. PIC 2018 date TBD!
Walkersville Thrift Shop Supervision Arlinda
Adults Run by GVCS, area churches provide volunteers to run the local thrift shop for a month. PIC has May 2018!

Tier 3

Tier 3 Requires Ongoing Weekly Active Role or annual event leadership. Some of these roles are currently occupied but others are always encouraged to express interest in case of a current or future vacancy.
Title Point of Contact Age Brief Description
Teach Sunday School urgent Jean
Adult Members We are in need of volunteers to teach Sunday School for the rest of this year. It will be in the primary class (K, 1st & 2nd grades) which will need to be filled by the middle of March. There may be an opening in the middle school class as well. Please contact Jean if you are interested.
Lead Mid-Week Bible Study Jean
Adult Members
VBS Director Jean samuelJ Adult Members
Carpool Gwen or Susan R.RiddlesS Adult Members Currently 6 people depend on a ride to get to church for worship or fellowship activities. We need additional support for this valuable ministry. Plus you get to know other members of the congregation while sharing great conversation on the way to and from church. Please contact the church office for more information or contact Susan or Gwen.
Web/Social Media Adult Members Currently PIC has a web and social media presence of this site, Facebook, and Instagram. The more people to assist with this, the more we show the many faces and views of PIC. If you're technically savvy and would like to be a contributor- let us know!
Praise Band Member Sharon
Adult & Teen Members
Youth Strategy Team Kim
Adult Members Youth Strategy Team members organize all youth events and the details that
Lead Prayer Chain Gail
Adult Members
Handbells Sharon
Adult & Teen Members
ESL Teachers Jean
Adult & Teen Members & Regular Visitors (English as a second language) Assist members of the community as they learn to speak English. Attend the training, have a heart for internationals and desire to share the Gospel through serving others. Each week there is a time for a five-minute devotion and Bible verse, an integral part the ministry. The cost of training is $50. This covers food, the training manual, and copies of various items. Reimbursement for training is available - contact Jean S. for a form to fill out. If you’re interested in being a part of this new ministry at Peace in Christ, please contact Jean S.

Tier 4

Tier 4 is determined by leadership roles that are non-elected or appointed. The point of contact is the person currently holding the position.
Title Point of Contact Age Brief Description
Sunday School Superintendent Anne & Maribeth
Adult Members
Head Usher Matt
Adult Members
Worship Assistant Co-Ordinator Heide
Adult Members
Altar Guild Co-Ordinator Marie
Adult Members Duties include; serving as other members do on the schedule for monthly duties, preparing the guild schedule, managing the guild budget, ordering supplies, buying/gathering supplies that are not purchased online, training new guild members, keeping guild members informed of changes or additional duties, attending Worship Committee Meetings, preparing instructions for guild members, and advising guild members.
Acolyte Co-Ordinator Pastor Richard
Adult Members Duties include- training, scheduling, and recruiting acolytes.
LWML Officer Patti Adult Female Members

Tier 5

Elected Leadership
Title Point of Contact Age Brief Description
Council Member See Leadership Page Adult Voting Member Council positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Christian Education, Property, Outreach, Stewardship, and Fellowship. See the Leadership page for current council members.
Elders See Leadership Page Adult Voting Member
Worship Team Susan B. or Heide The Worship team is made up of the Altar Guild Co-Ordinator, Elder representative, Worship Assistant Co-Ordinator....